Fundraiser generates $131,500 for Molokai, Lanai athletic departments

The Downtown Athletic Club Hawaii’s “Cheers for Molokai and Lanai High” fundraiser generated $131,500 for the school’s athletic budgets, event organizers announced Monday.

“Words cannot express how appreciative we are to receive this very generous gift from the Downtown Athletic Club Hawaii and the community,” said Molokai athletic director Hoku Haliniak.

The club conducted a fundraiser outside of Murphy’s Bar and Grill in Honolulu on Jan. 29, and a check for $100,000 was presented at the event. Additional donations raised the total higher.

Molokai will get $85,500 and Lanai will receive $46,000, the club said, basing the amounts on the numbers of student-athletes and the fact that some donors earmarked their money.

Both schools’ teams must face over-water travel, usually by ferry, for away games, and frequently sleep in other schools’ gymnasiums during multiday trips.

“I never would have imagined that two small rural schools like Lanai and Molokai High would be lucky enough to be the recipients of a major Honolulu-based fundraiser,” said Lanai AD Rod Sumagit. “We are so touched and grateful for all the love and support we’ve received and continue to receive.”