De Zwart completes lengthy SUP journey

Bart de Zwart went on a four-day unsupported stand-up voyage from Tahiti to Bora Bora, which the 44-year-old from Haiku reported finishing Sunday. The trip, which covered approximately 172 miles, was the latest unusual SUP trek for de Zwart – he paddled roughly 100 miles across the North Sea, from England to the Netherlands, in 2012, a year after spending five days going from the Big Island to Kauai, about 300 miles. He also was a three-time winner of the SUP 11-City Tour in the Netherlands. De Zwart completed his latest journey just before sundown, with current and wind going against him in the final few miles, his wife, Dagmar, posted on a blog tracking the paddle. De Zwart’s equipment for the trip included clothing of a variety of layers and thicknesses, a water purifier and multiple paddles and leashes. He consumed electrolyte powder, protein drinks, calorie-rich gel, freeze-dried meals and some traditional solid food. He slept on an air mattress he carried with him on his board, using a “sea anchor,” a device that looks like a parachute and provided drag in the water to maintain position while he slept.