Buzianis earns pair of crowns in MRS opener

Micah Buzianis won seven of eight races in gusty conditions to claim the pro and 40-49 division titles Saturday in the Carbon Art Challenge at Kanaha Beach Park in Kahului.

Windsurfers negotiated a bumpy course in 18-30 mph winds at the first event of the 30th annual Maui Race Series.

Buzianis picked up where he left off in last year’s season finale, the Neil Pryde Hawaii State Championship, when he also won the same two division titles.

Between the two events, the 43-year-old Spreckelsville resident put in some serious travel time. Buzianis, who moved to Maui from Utah before his sophomore year at St. Anthony High School, took his wife and three children to live in his hometown of Tooele at the end of last summer.

He still continued to compete on the Professional Windsurfing Association tour as well as commute back to Maui to “test equipment and tune up for races.”

“That’s where I grew up, and I wanted to spend some time with my mom,” Buzianis said. “The kids went to my same elementary school.”

Buzianis was fifth last week in the first event of the PWA season, the Catalunya World Cup slalom race in Spain.

The family returned to Maui in January.

Buzianis nearly had a perfect day except for a mistake in the second heat of the pro division. He fell rounding the mark when his “foot got stuck.”

“There was a lull and I made a wide arching jibe. I kept it interesting for Peter (Slate),” Buzianis said.

Slate would go on to win the race and finish second overall in the pro class.

Japan’s Fujiko Onishi won all four races to defeat Tamara Bockius in the women’s open division. Last year, the 30-year-old windsurfing instructor from Kanagawa split two events with Bockius. Onishi won the Meanline Fins Slalom and Bockius claimed the Carbon Art race.

“I’m very happy,” Onishi said. “Tammy is very fast and has good jibe.”

The other winners were Luciano Tigrato (19-39), Phil McGain (50-59), Todd MacFarlane (60 and over), Sailor Bockius (junior), Kieran Devanney (semipro) and Osamu Kubota (expert).



Saturday’s Results

At Kanaha Beach Park

19-39-1. Luciano Tigrato 2-0.7-2-0.7-3.4, 2. Kieran Devanney 3-5-0.7-2-5.7, 3. Diego Femenias 0.7-5-3-3-6.7, 4. Martin Verrastro 4-5-4-5-13.

40-49-1. Micah Buzianis 0.7-0.7-0.7-0.7-2.1, 2. Peter Slate 2-2-2-2-6, 3. Akihiko Yamada 3-3-3-3-9, 4. Shinya Kunieda 5-4-4-4-12, 5. Kevin Ozee 4-5-5-7-14, 6. Tom Hammerton 6-7-7-7-20.

50-59-1. Phil McGain 0.7-0.7-0.7-0.7-2.1, 2. Geof Pease 3-5-2-2-7, 3. Mike Yasak 2-2-3-9-7, 4. Chris McNeil 4-3-5-9-12, 5. Matt Daniells 5-4-4-4-12, 6. Osamu Kubota 6-6-6-3-15, 7. Mark Salih 7-7-7-9-21, 8. Dave Dalgetty 9-8-9-9-26.

60 and over-1. Todd MacFarlane 2-0.7-0.7-2-3.4, 2. Ben Massenburg 3-3-2-0.7-5.7, 3. Ted Hunter 0.7-2-5-4-6.7, 4. Greg Thomas 4-4-3-3-10.

Women’s open-1. Fujiko Onishi 0.7-0.7-0.7-0.7-2.1, 2. Tamara Bockius 2-2-2-2-6, 3. Argentina Jimenez Bonilla 3-3-3-3-9.

Junior-1. Sailor Bockius 0.7-0.7-2-2-3.4.

Pro-1. Micah Buzianis 0.7-2-0.7-0.7-2.1, 2. Peter Slate 3-0.7-2-2-4.7, 3. Phil McGain 2-5-5-3-10, 4. Akihiko Yamada 7-3-3-4-10, 5. Shinya Kunieda 6-4-4-5-13, 6. Geoffrey Pease 5-7-6-6-17, 7. Mike Yasak 4-6-7-8-17, 8. Luciano Tigrato 9-8-9-7-24, 9. Kevin Ozee 8-11-8-11-27, 10. Greg Thomas 10-11-11-11-32.

Semipro-1. Kieran Devanney 7-0.7-2-0.7-3.4, 2. Ben Massenburg 2-2-0.7-5-4.7, 3. Matt Daniells 0.7-6-5-6-11.7, 4. Todd MacFarlane 3-4-4-2-9, 5. Fujiko Onishi 4-5-3-4-11, 6. Ted Hunter 7-3-6-3-12, 7. Tom Hammerton 5-7-7-7-19.

Expert-1. Osamu Kubota 0.7-0.7-4-0.7-2.1, 2. Argentina Jimenez Bonilla 2-2-0.7-2-4.7, 3. Mark Salih 3-4-2-3-8.