Young claims pair of titles

Levi Young, Ty Simpson-Kane and Savannah Stone, all 5th-graders-to-be who call Hookipa their home break, surfed their way to titles at the Pohai Na Keiki Nalu (Gathering of the Surf Kids) on Saturday at Launiupoko Beach Park in Lahaina.

The 21st annual meet drew 180 entries in 10 divisions and raised more than $2,000 for Cristany Rayce Bilan, a 5-year-old Lahaina girl with leukemia.

Young was the only double winner, edging Chase Anderson on a tiebreaker in the 9-10 shortboard division and defeating him again in 9-and-under longboard.

Young, a Makawao resident who attends Doris Todd Memorial Christian School, was all smiles.

“It feels really good, first time for winning two divisions in a contest,” he said. “The shortboard was really hard. I only made one turn in my first heat and made it. God helped me to win it that time.”

Young was a unanimous winner over Anderson in longboard.

“The waves were small so it was fun to play around on a longboard,” Young said. “It was really hard for shortboard but longboard was fun.”

Simpson-Kane, a Haiku School student, won the 12-and-under stand-up paddle division, a first-time event in the contest.

“It was super fun and I’m glad they had it this year,” Simpson-Kane said. “Stand-up is for the kids that don’t shortboard that much so they can do their passion.”

Simpson-Kane is an accomplished shortboarder also, and was third in the 9-10 division after winning the 7-8 title a year ago.

“I like them both really,” he said. “When waves are small, it’s more fun to SUP. When waves are big, I ride my shortboard.”

The winds picked up for the SUP final.

“The wind would push you back,” Simpson-Kane said. “There was more chop on the waves, more tricky.”

Stone was the girls shortboard winner after finishing second a year ago, and placed fifth in 10-12 longboard, a 24-surfer division composed mostly of boys.

“It was so fun, I love doing contests,” Stone said. “I don’t longboard very much. I live in Paia so I usually shortboard at Hookipa. Longboarding was better today because it was more of a longboard wave today.”

Ty Ty Kirby won the 11-12 shortboard division after taking the 9-10 championship a year ago. He lost a split decision to Landen McLaughlin in 10-12 longboard.

Mac Dukes won the biggest division, the shortboard 6-and-under, which had 42 competitors. Dukes had to surf four heats to claim the title.

The other winners were Eric Roberson (7-8 shortboard), Zolten Poulsen (9-and-under bodyboard) and Shane Taylor (10-12 bodyboard).



Saturday’s Results

At Launiupoko Beach Park


6 and under-1. Mac Dukes, 2. Roran Mullen, 3. Steve Roberson, 4. Chrislyn Simpson-Kane, 5. Tiago Shoup, 6. Chase Burnes.

7-8-1. Eric Roberson, 2. Taj Pitts, 3. Kyle Kelmenson, 4. Justin Roberson, 5. Tevanui Loft, 6. Emma Davis.

9-10-1. Levi Young, 2. Chase Anderson, 3. Ty Simpson-Kane, 4. Niko Banta, 5. Charlie Brumbaugh, 6. Kai Claydon.

11-12-1. Ty Ty Kirby, 2. Landen McLaughlin, 3. Gavin Hogan, 4. Laakea Kauhane, 5. Ramon Rode, 6. Kane deWilde.

Girls-1. Savannah Stone, 2. Angel Budroe, 3. Kayani Mullen, 4. Indiana Dukes, 5. Lucia Valdez, 6. Imani Caserta.


9 and under-1. Levi Young, 2. Chase Anderson, 3. Justin Roberson, 4. Kai Claydon, 5. Kyle Kelmenson, 6. Chrislyn Simpson-Kane.

10-12-1. Landen McLaughlin, 2. Ty Ty Kirby, 3. Kai Jenkins, 4. Ean Duryea, 5. Savannah Stone, 6. Caeley Hodges.


9 and under-1. Zolten Poulsen, 2. Marley Franco, 3. Michael Witter, 4. Chase Burns, 5. Roran Mullen, 6. Niko Banta.

10-12-1. Shane Taylor, 2. Kristian Silva, 3. Ranger Chesley, 4. Trevor Armitage, 5. Caden Granum, 6. Ramon Rode.

Stand-up paddle

12 and under-1. Ty Simpson-Kane, 2. Caden Granum, 3. Kai Jenkins, 4. Ranger Chesley, 5. Cash Berzolla, 6. Kyler Kerbox.