Final Aloha Volleyball Tournament


Saturday’s Results

At Kanaha Beach Park

Middle School Open-1. Kaden Moore and C.J. Ozee, 2. Antonio Mason and Makayla Marrs, 3. Sevilla Leuteneker and Amy Russel, 4. Victoria Martins and Rayson Rivera, 5 Johnny Kirton and Montana Disegn, 6. Mileina Sniffen and Jesse Corralle, 7. Kiana Correa and Megan Bouthillier, 8. Tessa Johnson and Aliza Clarke, 9. Luca Connor and Thomas Russell, 10. Romona Borchers and Maddy Welch, 11. Tia Devereux and Ella Connor, 12. Noelani Aguera and Mahina Schwartz, 13. Tai Beck and Tyler Russell, 14. Kai Carbajal and Cheyenne Yapp, 15. Amira Kern and Kai’ea Kalahiki.

Girls 18s-1. Phoebe Fickbohm and Allie Rudow, 2. Kayleigh Matheson and Laura Worsely, 3. Haylee Patch and Keolani Hill, 4. Casey Arakaki and Julia Bianco, 5. Erica Pilotin and Maygan Patch, 6. Dominique Wenzler-Steves and Laura Dodson.

Boys 18s Open-1. Colton Cowell and Hunter Marrs, 2. Reilley Marrs and Ian Roth, 3. Nyck Yashiro and Kyle Stisher, 4. Martin Hamilton and Noah Hammon, 5. Chloe Stevens and Ian Martins, 6. Antonio Mason and Kaden Moore.

Adult Open-1. Josh Kulhavy-Sutherland and Dylan Hamilton, 2. C.J. Rilveria and Frank Craig, 3. Brian Connor and Colton Cowell, 4. Karsten Lee and Nyck Yashiro, 5. Kyle Stisher and Makena Jost, 6. Kayleigh Nelson and Christina Cowell, 7. Jaryn Kuhaulua and Cameron Wilhelm, 8. Chad Leggett and Ian Martins, 9. Hunter Marrs and Reilley Marrs, 10. Martin Hamilton and Chandler Cowell.