They can dig it


Saturday’s Results

At Kanaha Beach Park

High school open-1. Colton Cowell and Hunter Marrs, 2. Kyle Stisher and Martin Hamilton, 3. Noah Rohozinski and NA, 4. Nyck Yashiro and Reilley Marrs, 5. Noah Jarrett and Noah Hammon, 6. Ian Martins and Devlin Sunny Aki, 7. Dominique Wenzler-Steves and Ethan Preseaux.

High school girls-1. Phoebe Fickbohm and Allie Rudow, 2. Erica Pilotin and Kiana Hyman, 3. Keolani Hill and Casey Arakaki, 4. Julia Bianco and Maygan Patch.

Middle school open-1. CJ Ozee and Kaden Moore, 2. Kiana Correa and Montana Disegna, 3. Thomas Russell and Kai’ea Kalahiki, 4. Lucas DiMartino and Tyler Russell, 5. Mileina Sniffen and Maddy Welch, 6. Victoria Martins and Pono Birnie, T7, Makayla Marrs and Kealohi Wallin; and Amy Russell and Megan Bouthillier, 9. Romona Borchers and Jesse Corralle, 10. Kai Preseaux and Kai Carbajal, 11. Maggie Bishop and Noe Aguera, 12. Shanna Anuhea Baisa and Kamalei Stant, 13. Lana Kelmenson and Cheyenne Yapp, 14. Izabelle Palmore and Lillian Palmore, 15. Tia Devereux and Tatum Clay, 16. Bella Gross-Hellson and Mahina Schwartz.

Adult open-1. Josh Sutherland and Colton Cowell, 2. Karsten Lee and Jeramia McMullen, 3. Hunter Marrs and Nyck Yashiro, 4. Reilley Marrs and Jaryn Kuhaulua, 5. Kyle Stisher and Makena Jost, 6. Erik Pounder and Markus Forrster.