Williams sweeps to DaKine Classic title

Ross Williams leads Laurence Carey during a DaKine Classic qualifying heat Saturday at Kanaha Beach Park. -- HARRY WIEWEL photo

Ross Williams swept all eight races to win the gold fleet title in the DaKine Classic on Saturday at Kanaha Beach Park in Kahului.

Windsurfers competed in winds of 25-30 mph in the second event of the 33th annual Maui Race Series.

Williams, ranked fourth in racing on the Professional Windsurf Association world tour, dominated the competition — the 37-year-old from Britain’s Isle of Wight led out of the first turn in all but one race.

“Today was really great, perfect to have a race on Maui,” he said. “It’s a great training place for Fuerteventura (the next PWA stop).”

Competition comprised four qualifying rounds before sailors were put in gold, silver and bronze divisions.

Mark Boersma (USA 17) battles Jay Lee (KO 211), Yuki Sunaga (JPN 470) and Peter John in a morning heat Saturday. -- HARRY WIEWEL photo

The only time Williams was challenged was in the final heat of the gold division. Mateus Isaac, who won the first MRS event last week, led Williams around five buoys until heading for the home stretch.

“Mateus and I had an interesting battle,” Williams said. “I was a little quicker on the last tight turn to the mark. He had a little spinout, and I quickly nabbed him before he could power up again.”

Isaac was the gold fleet runner-up.

“It was a very good day, but I made a few mistakes here and there,” the 23-year-old Brazilian said.

The DaKine race was also the second contest of the four-event Pacific Windsurf Cup. The first race, the Hut City Cup in New Zealand, took place in March. The other two events are scheduled for New Caledonia and Tahiti.

Tom Petersen leads Yasunari Tsukamoto in a morning heat. -- HARRY WIEWEL photo

Laurence Carey of New Zealand won the Hut City slalom race and placed third at Kanaha.

“Mateus and Ross were just sailing better than me today,” Carey said. “The conditions were really nice. It was ideal slalom sailing.”

Dudu Mazzocato of Brazil won the 40-59 and silver fleet titles. Yuki Sunaga of Japan was the top women’s sailor, and the silver fleet runner-up.

Mark Boersma of Michigan claimed the 19-and-under division. Masao Hirota of Japan was the top 60-and-over finisher, and Tom Petersen of Wisconsin won the bronze fleet.

The next MRS event is the Goya Pro Am, scheduled for July 22 at Kanaha.

Dudu Mazzocato leads Yuki Sunaga during a morning heat Saturday. -- HARRY WIEWEL photo



Saturday’s Results

At Kanaha Beach Park


Qualifying–1. Ross Williams 0.7-0.7-0.7-0.7–2.1, 2. Mateus Isaac 2-0.7-0.7-0.7–2.1, 3. Peter John 0.7-0.7-3-2–3.4, 4. Laurence Carey 0.7-2-2-0.7–3.4, 5. Shinya Kunieda 0.7-0.7-3-4–4.4, 6. Tomohiko Suzuki 2-3-0.7-2–4.7, 7. Dan Ellis 3-2-2-0.7–4.7, 8. Mark Boersma 2-3-2-2–6, 9. Akihiko Yamada 3-3-2-10–8, 10. Jack Holliday 6-2-0.7-10–8.7, 11. Mike Yasak 3-2-4-10–9, 12. Dudu Mazzocato 2-4-4-3–9, 13. Ben Massenburg 3-5-3-4–10, 14. Geoffrey Pease 4-4-3-3–10, 15. Jay Lee 5-3-5-3–11, 16. Yuki Sunaga 4-8-6-2–12, 17. Samuel Perez Hults 4-4-5-10–13, 18. Jackson Holder 5-6-4-5–14, 19. Masao Hirota 9-4-8-3–15, 20. Shuhei Taguchi 5-9-6-4–15, 21. Todd MacFarlane 4-8-7-5–16, 22. Lori Wada 8-5-5-6–16, 23. Ted Hunter 6-7-4-10–17, 24. Yasunari Tsukamoto 5-7-6-10–18, 25. Tom Petersen 7-6-5-9–18, 26. Victor Ching 6-5-9-7–18, 27. Inmi Lee 8-9-6-5–19, 28. Greg Thomas 7-5-7-10–19, 29. Kyeseung Lee 7-6-8-7–20, 30. Duckryoung Kim 7-7-7-6–20, 31. Asami Wada 6-6-8-8–20, 32. Chris Knap 8-8-10-6–22, 33. Takashi Ohata 9-10-10-10–29.


Gold–1. Ross Williams 0.7-0.7-0.7-0.7–2.1, 2. Mateus Isaac 2-2-6-2–6, 3. Laurence Carey 3-9-2-3–8, 4. Peter John 5-3-4-6–12, 5. Jack Holliday 10-4-3-5–12, 6. Dan Ellis 4-7-11-4–15, 7. Akihiko Yamada 6-5-5-11–16, 8. Mark Boersma 7-6-8-7–20, 9. Tomohiko Suzuki 9-10-7-8–24, 10. Shinya Kunieda 8-8-9-9–25.

Silver–1. Dudu Mazzocato 0.7-0.7-10-4–5.4, 2. Yuki Sunaga 11-2-2-5–9, 3. Mike Yasak 11-8-0.7-0.7–9.4, 4. Jay Lee 11-5-4-3–12, 5. Geoffrey Pease 11-11-3-2–16, 6. Samuel Perez Hults 11-3-6-7–16, 7. Jackson Holder 2-7-8-9–17, 8. Masao Hirota 3-6-9-10–18, 9. Shuhei Taguchi 11-4-7-8–19, 10. Ben Massenburg 11-11-5-6–22

Bronze–1. Tom Petersen 4-0.7-3-0.7–4.4, 2. Ted Hunter 2-11-0.7-2–4.7, 3. Duckryoung Kim 5-2-2-4–8, 4. Lori Wada 6-6-7-2–14, 5. Asami Wada 9-4-4-6–14, 6. Chris Knap 7-3-5-11–15, 7. Todd MacFarlane 8-5-6-5–16, 8. Victor Ching 3-7-8-7–17, 9. Greg Thomas 0.7-11-11-8–19.7, 10. Kyeseung Lee 11-8-11-9–28