Apos defend all-around titles

Makawao Rodeo concludes

Brad Apo and daughter Lehiwa Apo pose with their Makawao Rodeo all-around cowboy and all-around cowgirl saddles Sunday afternoon at Oskie Rice Arena. The Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER photo

The Maui News

Brad Apo and his daughter Lehiwa Apo repeated as the all-around champions at the Makawao Rodeo on Sunday at Oskie Rice Aren.

Lehiwa Apo claimed the cowgirl title despite suffering a knee injury in a fall that took place after she completed a scoring run in mixed dally team roping with Kain Silva.

Wes Goodrich was part of two winning teams in the 62nd edition of the event — he and Chucky Medeiros were the century team roping champions, and Arika Diego teamed with Goodrich to take first place in mixed dally team roping.

Goodrich  also took the Benji Rollins Saddle, awarded to the competitor who collects checks in the most events.

Sharon Freitas charges to the wahine barrel racing title — she had a time of 18.32 seconds. The Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER photo

Kalena Kehano was a winner in the junior division of two events — barrel racing and goat tying.

The bull-riding belt buckle went to Noah Foti, and Buzzy Augustiro claimed the junior bull-riding crown.

Ken Miranda was the Po’o Wai U champion.

The other individual winners were Sale Sproat (steer wrestling) Sharon Freitas (wahine barrel racing), Tristan Hooper (tie-down roping), Leahi Poouahi (wahine steer undecorating), Tiana Gomes (wahine breakaway), Lilyana Ferguson (high school goat tying), Branstan Joseph (keiki barrel racing) and Kyler Chong Kee (sheep riding). The other team winners were Bubu Kamakana and M.P. Kamakana in dally team roping, and Rory Souza and Joey Maldonado in double mugging.

Tristan Hooper waves to the crowd while taking a victory lap after winning the tie-down roping buckle. The Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER photo

Unable to remove his hand from a rope wrapped around a bucking bull, Garin Freitas is taken for a ride. The Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER photo