PGA recognizes Rolfings’ work assisting newborns

Mark Rolfing
Debi Rolfing

Kapalua residents Mark and Debi Rolfing received the PGA’s Distinguished Service Award on Thursday at a ceremony in Austin, Texas.

The award “honors outstanding individuals who display leadership and humanitarian qualities including integrity, sportsmanship and a passion for the game of golf.”

The Rolfings created a foundation in 1990 with the purpose of helping high-risk, underserved children. They are also licensed foster parents, and have provided care in their Hawaii and Montana homes for 28 newborns.

At last week’s event, Mark Rolfing, an analyst for The Golf Channel and NBC Sports, praised the PGA of America for “taking the step to recognize something different. This is what distinguished service means. Tonight is one of the highlights of my life.”