Valley Isle Scoreboard

Tyler Russell spikes a ball set by his partner, Thomas Russell, as Tia Devereux tries to dig. SCOTTIE ZUCCO photo

Sand Volleyball


Vollis Tournament

Saturday’s Results

At Kula

Tilesa Ebana digs for a ball in the Vollis finals. SCOTTIE ZUCCO photo

14–1. Bella Palmer, 2. Tilesa Ebana, 3. Harmony Powers, 4. Faith Paredes, 5. Josh Hyman, 6. Henry Devereux, 7. Maile Wong, 8. Zack Brunner, 9. Sky Gonzalez, 10. Kaci Sakamoto, 11. Charlie Zielinski, 12. Frank Garrity

18–1. Reilley Marrs, 2. Thomas Russell, 3. Tyler Russell, 4. Kai Frazier, T5. Chase Keeting, T5. Mileina Sniffen, T7. Maggie Marable, T7. Aina Frazier, 9. Zack Burkett, 10. Tia Devereux, T11. Kris Briedis, T11. Viggo Gross-Hellsen, 13. Tammy Abrew, 14. Carter Phillips, 15. Nick Brunner, 16. Radha Singh, 17. Jon Siah


14–1. Thomas Russell and Tyler Russell, 2. Aina Frazier and Tia Devereux, 3. Josh Hyman and Lahela Pond, 4. Ian Smith and Antonio Kovach, 5. Harmony Powers and Charli Zielinski, 6. Frank Garrity and Sky Gonzalez, 7. KC Buzianis and Maile Wong, 8. Sage Kovach and Matteo Kovach

18–1. Hinano Long and Reilley Marrs, 2. Thomas Russell and Tyler Russell, 3. Aina Frazier and Maggie Marable, 4. Mileina Sniffen and Austin Peters, 5. Kainalu Kubo and Ethan Preseault, 6. Kiana Hyman and Kiana Correa, 7. Kai Frazier and Chase Keeting, 8. Cj Ozee and Kaden Moore, 9. Viggo Gross-Hellsen and Jon Siah, 10. Maile Wong and Charli Zielinkski, 11. Nick Brunner and Zack Brunner, 12. Bella Palmer and Harmony Powers

Lehiwa Apo prepares to take a victory ride around Oskie Rice Arena after winning wahine barrels on Sunday afternoon at the Makawao Rodeo. Apo won the perpetual Benji Rollins Award for earning the most paychecks over the weekend. The Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER