Valley Isle Scoreboard

Ben Cafferio of Wailuku putts during the Hawaii State Junior Golf Association Match Play Championship on Saturday at the Kaanapali Kai Course. Competing in the boys 13-14 division, Cafferio defeated Kaena Kaulia of Mililani, 4 and 3, before losing a semifinal match to Joshua Hayashida of Mililani, 4 and 3. -- ALLYSON MATTOX photo



Saturday’s Results

At Kaanapali Kai Course

Boys 15-18

Lana Calibuso-Kwee of Wailuku hits a shot Saturday. Calibuso-Kwee, competing in the girls 13-18 division, is the lone Maui golfer still in contention for a title going into today’s final rounds — she defeated Payten Shimizu of Wailuku, 5 and 4, in the round of 16 before beating Jaelin Ishikawa of Makawao, 4 and 3, in the quarterfinals. “I’ve actually played against Jaelin the last three years in this tournament,” Calibuso-Kwee said with a laugh. “I tried not to think about the other person I was competing against though today because I can’t control what they are doing, I just needed to focus on my game and go for the hole.” Calibuso-Kwee will face Kyung Eun Lee of Honolulu in the semifinals. -- ALLYSON MATTOX photo

Round of 16

Noah Koshi def. Matt Ramelb, 3 and 2

Jake Sequin def. Pono Yanagi, 3 and 2

Jonathan Morikawa def. Hudson Jackson, 4 and 2

Isaiah Kanno def. Aidan Oki, 2 up

Davis Lee def. Dillon Ah Chong, 1 up

Alex Kam def. Pierce Dowd, 6 and 5

Peter Jung def. Cole Matsueda, 5 and 3

Joshua Chung def. Jaydon Kyono, 5 and 4


Noah Koshi def. Jake Sequin, 2 up

Jonathan Morikawa def. Isaiah Kanno, 1 up

Alex Kam def. Davis Lee, 4 and 2

Peter Jung def. Joshua Chung, 5 and 4

Consolation quarterfinals

Pono Yanagi def. Matt Ramelb, 3 and 2

Aidan Oki def. Cole Matsueda, 4 and 2

Dillon Ah Chong def. Pierce Dowd, 4 and 3

Hudson Jackson def. Jaydon Kyono, 1 up

Girls 13-18

Round of 16

Kyung Eun Lee def. Ariya Soldwisch, 6 and 5

Rachael Wang def. Ferrari Dudoit, 5 and 4

Lana Calibuso-Kwee def. Payten Shimizu, 5 and 4

Jaelin Ishikawa def. Jolie Chee, 3 and 1

Karissa Kilby def. Sienna Kawahara, 8 and 7

Shayna Lu def. Mari Nakamura, 4 and 2

Myah McDonald def. Summer Wong, 3 and 1

Kailey Oki def. Kaylee Akagi, 8 and 6


Kyung Eun Lee def. Rachael Wang, 5 and 4

Lana Calibuso-Kwee def. Jaelin Ishikawa, 4 and 3

Karissa Kilby def. Shayna Lu, 9 and 8

Myah McDonald def. Kailey Oki, 4 and 3

Consolation quarterfinals

Ariya Soldwisch def. Kaylee Akagi, 2 and 1

Mari Nakamura def. Payten Shimizu, 2 and 1

Ferrari Dudoit def. Sienna Kawahara, 4 and 3

Summer Wong def. Jolie Chee, 4 and 3

Boys 13-14


Anson Cabello def. Ian Chapital, 19 holes

Joshua Hayashida def. Puniawa Vedder, 4 and 3

Ben Cafferio def. Kaena Kaulia, 4 and 3


Marshall Kim def. Anson Cabello, 6 and 4

Joshua Hayashida def. Ben Cafferio, 4 and 3

Consolation semifinals

Ian Chapital def. Puniawa Vedder, 1 up

Today’s Pairings

Boys 15-18

Semifinals–Noah Koshi vs. Jonathan Morikawa; Alex Kam vs. Peter Jung.

Consolation semifinals–Pono Yanagi vs. Aidan Oki; Dillon Ah Chong vs. Hudson Jackson.

Girls 13-18

Semifinals–Kyung Eun Lee vs. Lana Calibuso-Kwee; Karissa Kilby vs. Myah McDonald.

Consolation semifinals–Ariya Soldwisch vs. Mari Nakamura; Ferrari Dudoit vs. Summer Wong.

Boys 13-14

Final–Marshall Kim vs. Joshua Hayashida.

Consolation final–Kaena Kaulia vs. Ian Chapital.