Dinesh Nanthakumar

A Close-up look at Maui County's High School Athletes presented by Alexander & Baldwin, Inc.

• Maui High School / Grade 12

• GPA: 3.9 (AP biology, statistics, chemistry, literature)

• SPORTS: Cross country, track and field, volleyball

• FAMILY: Rayoswari Duraisamy of Kihei

• ACTIVITIES: Spanish Club, Japanese Club, Best Buddies, Drama, playing piano and guitar

• FUTURE PLANS: Studying biology and neuroscience at UCLA

• SPORTS LESSONS: “Being an athlete has taught me the difference between personal limits and combined limits. The thing that seems the hardest to do is easy if you have people who believe in you and are striving for the same goals alongside you.”

* Sports Spotlight students are selected by athletic officials from Maui County high schools and these profiles are compiled by the sports department of The Maui News. The Alexander & Baldwin Foundation makes a $200 donation in honor of each student athlete to their high school’s athletic fund.