Kai Sears

A Close-up look at Maui County's High School Athletes presented by Alexander & Baldwin, Inc.

Kai Sears

• Baldwin High School / Grade 12

• GPA: 3.92 (AP English, European history)

• SPORTS: Cross country, track and field, soccer

• FAMILY: Danielle Sears of Kahului

• ACTIVITIES: Chess Club, working at Camp Imua

• FUTURE PLANS: Studying business, psychology or a sports-related field

• SPORTS LESSONS: “I enjoy the competition and the mental game. … Also, I enjoy the feeling after a workout when you know you’ve worked hard. Being an athlete has taught me to really push my limits and never give up. I’ve learned a lot about working hard, especially on your own time, to succeed in what you want to achieve.”

* Sports Spotlight students are selected by athletic officials from Maui County high schools and these profiles are compiled by the sports department of The Maui News. The Alexander & Baldwin Foundation makes a $200 donation in honor of each student athlete to their high school’s athletic fund.