Updated 9:10 a.m.: Officials confirm ‘false alarm,’ error in missile threat warning

State civil defense officials confirmed at 8:45 a.m. today that there is no threat from a missile, and that an earlier warning was a “false alarm.”

That warning was issued around 8 a.m. It said there was an inbound missile and that people should seek shelter. The message that came through cellphones said it was not a drill.

“While conducting a regular test of the Emergency Broadcast System, an error was made,” according to an “emergency alert” on the Maui County website. “There is no threat to Maui County from ballistic missiles at this time.”

Maui County Emergency Management Agency Administrator Herman Andaya said the state, not Maui County, issued the alert erroneously statewide.

“We do know there is no threat,” he said.

State civil defense officials “called to let us know it was done in error,” he said. “They’re inundated with calls.”