7 injured after car hits Oahu restaurant

HONOLULU (AP) — Six people, including a 3-year-old girl, were transported to a hospital on Saturday afternoon after a car smashed into a Honolulu restaurant.
The car that crashed into the front of Paina Cafe was driven by an elderly woman, said Honolulu Fire Department Capt. David Jenkins.
Three women, two men and the child were sent to a trauma center, and the extent of their injuries was not clear. A seventh person was injured but refused transportation to a hospital.
Before crashing into the restaurant, the woman was involved in a minor crash in the parking lot. Steve Orr said that he was driving behind the woman when she backed her car into his. She then attempted to pull into a parking spot when she apparently lost control of her vehicle.
The woman’s car struck another vehicle and jumped the curb, hitting the restaurant’s front window. Orr said that the car then reversed, hitting more vehicles in the parking lot before it pulled forward, plowing through the restaurant’s dining area.
The car pinned two or three people against a soda machine inside the restaurant, police said.
Ethan Hollandsworth was inside the restaurant when the crash occurred. The driver appeared confused when she got out of the vehicle, and she didn’t seem know where she was, he said.