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Vandals break into Oahu cemetery

HONOLULU– Vandals broke into an Oahu cemetery tomb and scattered someone’s remains, prompting a police investigation.

Hawaii News Now reported Monday that volunteers cutting grass at Sunset Memorial Park found the desecrated remains this past weekend.

The volunteers said an empty cement box was found inside one of the tombs and a pile of bones and bone fragments were dumped in another tomb nearby.

The incident is the latest in a string of vandalism and homelessness issues at the cemetery. And because Sunset Memorial Park doesn’t have regular maintenance workers or security guards, it’s unclear when the desecration happened.


High-rise developer pulls ‘poor door’

HONOLULU — The plans for a proposed Honolulu high-rise have been changed to take out a separate entrance that was to be used by moderate-income renters.

The Star-Advertiser reported Monday that the entrance, deemed the “poor door” by affordable housing advocates, would have been reserved for the renters, while market-priced condominium buyers would’ve used their own door.

City Council Member Kymberly Pine said the change came after the tower’s developer, ProsPac Holding Group, discussed concerns with key community stakeholders.

The developer previously said that separate entrances were a logical way to service two buildings with different clientele and amenities.

Pine said the new plan calls for a corridor that will connect the two entrances so apartment and condo residents can use either door.


Woman accused of driving into man

KAILUA-KONA — An Alaska woman accused of driving a car into her boyfriend on the Big Island was charged with attempted murder.

Crystal Young, 30, was taken into custody on Friday after witnesses said an argument led to the 36-year-old man being hit by the vehicle, West Hawaii Today reported.

The man, also from Alaska, was taken to a hospital and then was flown to Honolulu in critical condition. He remained in the hospital Saturday night.

Witnesses said Young was driving circles around the man before she drove hundreds of feet away and turned the car around toward him.

“We were like, ‘Oh my God, she’s going to hit him,’ ” said Tahiti Cho, a witness who said she saw the argument but couldn’t understand what they were yelling about.

Cho and Witness Kade DuShey said Young then drove into the man head-on, launching him up the front of the hood before he fell backward.

“He wasn’t moving,” Cho said. “I hope the guy is OK.”