HC&S offseason

PUUNENE — In the part of the Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. mill where the process begins to break down sugar cane stalks, millwrights are ...

For Maui, a never-ending story

The “People Who Made A Difference” is a favorite of mine during this most wonderful time of year. Having had a hand in this annual holiday season feature since ...

The Holoholo Bookmobile

They say good things come in threes. That’s certainly the case with Sara Foley, Dorothy Tolliver and Susan Werner, who joined forces five years ...

Bring your own padding

For the most part, long trips are a thing of our past. We are quite content to spend our allotted time here on Maui. Occasionally, though, family obligations force ...

Memories of Maizie

Great way to renew

Jocel Ragudo De Rivera, 36

Madeline Furtado Funes, 91

Many classic books have been banned

Regarding a Feb. 15 letter to the editor listing possible books in a future Donald Trump presidential library: Sorry, “Animal Farm” has been banned by some ...

Consider benefits before saying no to TEACH idea

Trump divides country, risks destroying great nation

The Academy Awards will be presented on February 26. What is your choice for Best Picture?