Art season kicks off with ‘Art of Aloha’

“White Sand Bouganvillea” by Andrea Razzauti

It’s the beginning of a new year, and with it art season on Maui kicks off in grand style at Lahaina Galleries in The Shops of Wailea when it hosts its highly anticipated “Art of Aloha” from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 27. Admission is free and open to the public.

Of course, Maui is blessed with year-round art, but there is a schedule to the numerous shows and exhibits. This year marks the 17th annual exhibit specially curated by Lahaina Galleries of art created specifically for this show.

Collectors and art lovers alike enjoy an afternoon perusing exquisite art of a variety of mediums. This year, seven of the world’s finest artists will be in gallery to introduce their works, talk story and meet admirers.

Returning favorites include:

Visionary artist, abstract painter and creator of the modern marine art genre Robert Lyn Nelson. For over 35 years, many non- profit conservation groups world-wide have benefited from this environmental artist. Best known for his marine art, Nelson has created works in many styles ranging from realism to surrealism, impressionism to cubism. His latest treasured collection is the newly released, “Beatles Tribute Series.”

“Moon Dance” by Steve Turnbull

“Painting is a way of life for me … it’s not a profession. It’s an obsession. … I put my heart and soul into every painting that I do, and express myself in the best way I know how,” explains Nelson.

British sculptor Michael James Talbot is known for intricate and dramatic bronzes, which celebrate the human form. This member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors and the National Sculpture Society has always been inspired by the human form and its dramatic poetry.

“Sculpture for me is essentially a theatrical construction, an attempt to show and illuminate a chosen moment in time,” offers Talbot. “When we gaze into the face of an ancient bronze in a museum, what reaches out across the millennia of time is not how different, but how like us they were.”

Exotic wood, stone and bronze sculptor Steve Turnbull chose Maui as his home in the early 1980s. He trusted fate and pursued his dream to be an artist when he sold his first sculpture at age 19. Turnbull creates abstracts, which represent the moving tides, the warm tropical breezes or even the elegant curves and twists of a giraffe.

Coastal impressionist Caroline Zimmermann’s passion for travel has led her to product oil paintings that document her experiences. Shadows and vibrant colors create wonderful impressions in her richly painted compositions. Zimmerman divides her time between Laguna Beach, Calif., and Tuscany, Italy.

“The Butterfly” by Larissa Morais

New artists joining this event include:

Canadian jade and gemstone sculptor Lyle Sopel, acclaimed by National Geographic Society as “one of the most accomplished contemporary jade sculptors in the world.”

“As an artist, it is my intention to try and interpret the theatre of life that unfolds so beautifully in nature. … I try to express human emotions within my work so my images reflect my belief that man and animal share the same living spirit.”

Russian master Larissa Morais is renowned for her highly detailed and elegant compositions. Her fine brushstrokes create such a realistic impression, at first glance they appear to be a photograph. She has an ability to capture not only the outward physical beauty of her models, but also their character.

“It is always bittersweet for me to part with a painting that I have fallen in love with. However, it’s always validating.”

“Makena Shorebreak” by Caroline Zimmermann. Photo courtesy Lahaina Galleries

Finally, Tuscan virtuoso Andrea Razzauti creates lush, dazzling and meticulous landscapes that explode with color. With a myriad of colors placed dot by tiny dot such as in pointillism, his images evoke a universe of living things. Razzauti doesn’t want to fascinate, however, he wants viewers to feel the strength, the vigor and intensity of his subjects. In ways shared by history’s greatest artists, he enables one to see and feel the world through his eyes, and his vision of that world is unique.

Artwork from “Art of Aloha” will remain in gallery through mid-February. For more information about the show, the artists or to RSVP for the show, call 874-8583 or email lgi@maui.net. More information about Lahaina Galleries may be found online at www.lahainagalleries.com.

“Sea Lions” by Lyle Sopel. Photo courtesy Lahaina Galleries

“Norwegian Wood” by Robert Lyn Nelson. Photo courtesy Lahaina Galleries

Amethyst bronze by Michael James Talbot. Photo courtesy Lahaina Galleries


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