Looking Back Through The Maui News

100 Years Ago

1918 — The harrowing experience and grave danger passed through by the party of Honolulu teachers on the slopes of Haleakala last week should serve as a warning to strangers or others unfamiliar with Hawaiian mountains. It is extremely easy to get trapped, as has been proven by a number of near tragedies in recent years.

75 Years Ago

1943 — Local rug-cutting jitterbugs will have a chance to compete for laurels when Maui’s Championship Jitterbug Contest is staged as an added attraction at the annual Maui Lions Club Blind Fund Dance on Halloween.

50 Years Ago

1968 — Maui chalked up four consecutive victories in the 10-game double elimination series of the Pacific Division PONY Baseball Tournament last week and the 15-man all-star outfit, after a triumphant return on Sunday, will start repacking for another trip, this one to Washington, Penn., where the World Series is scheduled to get underway next Monday.

25 Years Ago

1993 — The easement through George Harrison’s Nahiku lot runs near the Hana-side gulch and near the ex-Beatle’s home, Second Circuit Judge E. John McConnell ruled. An earlier decision had confirmed a right to a pathway, but Harrison tried to get it on the opposite, Keanae side of his property.

10 Years Ago

2008 — Sometime in the next day or so, a fuel barge will pull into Kaumalapau Harbor on Lanai, and next thing Lanai motorists know, prices — which were already at $5.11 for self-serve regular — will zoom to $5.56 cents.

* “Looking Back Through The Maui News” is a weekly feature compiled by Jill Engledow.