Thank You Letters

A big thank you to the crew who takes care of Eddie Tam Memorial Center and the fields in Makawao.

I am there almost every day, whether it’s walking my dogs, jogging or at my kids’ sports events. The park and bathrooms are always kept up and clean.  The crew does a fantastic job at keeping this park well-maintained. Mahalo!

Monica Heller-Hackett


* * *

Lahaina Intermediate School would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of the wonderful people out there who made it possible for us to open up to students the morning of Aug. 28. 

To the firefighters, police officers and all of you who were the first to respond to the raging fires that threatened not only our schools, but the entirety of the Lahaina community, words cannot express how grateful we are for your giving and selfless spirits.

To all of those in our Maui community who responded immediately to the needs of our Lahaina families who lost homes and those who were left without power and water for days, mahalo! It seemed instantly that donations were collected and supplies were on the way. Signs offering free food and ice popped up on Lahainaluna Road; ice and water trucks were spotted driving around Lahainaluna neighborhoods as our heroes provided relief and much needed support. 

Finally, to the volunteers who came to our Lahaina schools the following Monday to help teachers and staff clean up soot in the classrooms and debris around campus so that our keiki could come back to the school they left the week before, we are so appreciative of your time, your supplies and your much needed energy. 

Mahalo to the Hyatt Regency Maui for supplying lunch at the high school for all of us. And a special thank you to the unknown individual(s) who cleared debris and ash from our LIS planter and replanted bright, colorful flowers which greeted us Monday morning. 

Mahalo to you all for your generosity, your compassion and your kindness. You have filled our hearts.

Jayme Donez

Lahaina Intermediate School


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