Looking Back Through The Maui News

100 Years Ago

1919 — By far the most disastrous conflagration in the history of Maui was that which started about 11:30 o’clock last Saturday night in the business center of Lahaina, and before it was finally checked had destroyed more than 30 separate buildings and had caused a loss aggregating between $125,000 and $150,000.

75 Years Ago

1944 — One of Hawaii’s most unique USO clubs approaches its first anniversary with a record of almost constantly increasing attendance. The Crossroads USO at Makawao occupies the site of the old Tam Chow store, which little more than a year ago was an unsightly storehouse.

50 Years Ago

1969 — For the first time in the history of Maui County, the mayor this week was going over seven ordinances passed last Friday by the new County Council. It was another first in a week of firsts as the new County Charter became the controlling document over local government, effective Jan. 2.

25 Years Ago

1994 — The Maui News didn’t send any reporters or photographers to Lanai to crash the weekend wedding of computer software mogul Bill Gates. By so doing, the newspaper saved itself a lot of trouble. Media folks who did attempt to invite themselves to the billionaire’s secretive nuptials found security tighter than a frozen deadbolt.

10 Years Ago

2009 — Christmas was more than merry for the Salvation Army Kahului Corps. All the coins and dollar bills that people dropped into kettles added up to $147,000, surpassing the 2007 drive by approximately $20,000.

* “Looking Back Through The Maui News” is a weekly feature compiled by Jill Engledow.