Looking Back Through The Maui News

100 Years Ago

1919 — The desirability of establishing a big military convalescent hospital and sanatorium in the Kula district of Maui is being considered in Army circles in Honolulu. The matter appears to have been taken up by the Army people without any instigation from Maui.

75 Years Ago

1944 — Public sentiment on Maui overwhelmingly supports retention of martial law and its present status for Hawaii, early returns in The Maui News poll indicated.

50 Years Ago

1969 — Two Haleakala National Park tour company complainants said that on Mondays and Tuesdays, each person is charged 50 cents for admission to the park. However, the observatory is closed on those days, and movies and other interesting things are not available to visitors.

25 Years Ago

1994 — Union negotiators for striking government workers will meet with a federal mediator and representatives of the state and counties on Oahu today as a new offer designed to break a deadlock in contract talks is discussed.

10 Years Ago

2009 — When informed he had been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for poetry, Maui resident W.S. Merwin described the experience as “lovely. It means people have been reading the poems,” said the poet. “It means they got through to people. That’s the best thing a person can hope for.”

* “Looking Back Through The Maui News” is a weekly feature compiled by Jill Engledow.