Maui Brewing project gets MECO approvals

Company announced Friday new phases of renewable energy expansion project

Maui Brewing Co. passed another milestone on its way to grid independence by the end of the year with Maui Electric Co. approving two phases of its renewable energy project.

The craft brewery made the announcement Friday as it nears the end of a four-year expansion project with renewable energy phased in over the last three years.

Solar power through photovolatic panels and thermal systems account for more than 80 percent of the Kihei-based company’s electrical needs, the news release said. The brewery also employs biodiesel fuel generators to provide electricity and hot water to brew the company’s beer and other beverages.

The 1.2-megawatt system was installed in 2017 and it includes battery storage with a goal of becoming energy independent by the end of the year, the company news release said.

Maui Brewing still will be hooked up to the MECO grid, hence the required MECO approvals due to the size of the system, said Garrett Marrero, Maui Brewing CEO and founder. The brewery will not be selling electricity to MECO.

“Leading by example in sustainable manufacturing has been a pursuit for many years,” Marrero said in the news release. “I’m thankful to our partners and especially to our CFO Russell Adkins for sharing my vision and helping to lead this project through completion. Maui Brewing Co. and our other craft brands are leading the industry in producing our beverages with sustainable energy.”


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