Buddha Reads book club reads Bushnell

The Buddha Reads book club is starting a new book this month, with the first meeting to discuss it at the end of February.

The book is “The Water of Kane” by Oswald A. Bushnell. It is a historical fiction novel about the construction of the immense irrigation project on the slopes of Haleakala. This soon proves to be the costliest venture ever attempted in the Kingdom of Hawaii.

The “Big Ditch” — 6 feet wide, a yard deep and 17 miles long — has to be dug by hand, blasted and tunneled out of sheer rock, and shored up with massive pipes that span ravines. If not completed on schedule, the government waits to take possession of the ditch and others will reap the tremendous fortune to be made by growing sugar cane with the water it brings.

For the meeting at the end of February, club members will discuss the first three chapters. The chapter assignments and next meeting time will be determined at each subsequent meeting.

For more information, contact Buddha.Reads@gmail.com.