Looking Back Through The Maui News

100 Years Ago

1920 — H. M. Albright, field assistant to the director of the bureau of national parks in Washington and superintendent of Yellowstone Park, arrived in Honolulu to arrange for the exchange of private lands to complete the formation of a national park at the volcano at Kilauea and the mountain of Haleakala.

75 Years Ago

1945 — More than 23 tons of wearing material were collected in Maui’s Philippine Islands War Relief clothing drive on the island and have been packed for shipment to the islands.

50 Years Ago

1970 — Action taken by the Maui Plan Commission at Tuesday afternoon’s meeting paved the way for the erection of six-story hotels on four parcels in Kihei.

25 Years Ago

1995 — There’ll be no more monkey business at the zoo if county leaders agree on a proposal to transform the 20-year-old facility into a new attraction featuring animals and plants of the Maui region only.

10 Years Ago

2010 — If you’ve always had fantasies of being a movie star, you’re about to get your shot when Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Sandler’s Happy Madison production company roll into Wailea next month to film the comedy “Just Go With It.”

* “Looking Back Through The Maui News” is a weekly feature compiled by Jill Engledow.


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