Opportunity to fulfill collective promise has been a privilege

As my final Ka’ana Mana’o message, I congratulate our next University of Hawaii Maui College

Chancellor Lui Hokoana on his appointment and wish every success for our learners, graduates, faculty and community partners through his leadership.

As a context for my hopes and wishes for the college’s future, our revised collective vision and mission speak to “inspiring learning.” This purpose builds on the foundation of what the college has established in the past few decades. UH-MC completed most of its 1990 master plan for higher education in Maui County. While some of our facilities are now 20 years old, they have been well maintained, with repairs scheduled and funded.

Each of our instructional programs connects with employers. Some have worked in exemplary fashion. Our accounting, culinary, automotive, dental, electronics and computer engineering technology, fashion technology, hospitality and tourism, human services and other program coordinators have paid close attention to industry leaders who guide and assess the student and graduate demonstrations of their learning.

Other services such as CareerLink ensure that reaching every graduate to support employment or transfer to upper-division or graduate programs is a priority.

Language arts and the English Department have been recognized by students and other campuses for their leadership in student retention, persistence and performance. All of these and too many other faculty and staff that cannot be mentioned help leverage the student tuitions, taxpayer investments and donor gifts to ultimately add even greater value through program improvements that produce competitive graduates.

The steadfast support and contributions of the Chancellor’s Advisory Council and our significant major and other generous donors must be credited for shaping and encouraging faculty and programs. Our past and current chairs, Dorvin Leis and Steve Holaday, respectively, as well as our long-serving members and contributors helped create the foundation for even greater UH-MC graduate, faculty and institutional accomplishments.

Finally, the team of Vice Chancellors David Tamanaha, John McKee and Cathy Bio and their staff must be acknowledged for responding to higher expectations and greater outcomes even with comparatively less general fund resources.

That this administrative, faculty and staff team has consistently led all of the seven two-year campuses and one of the other four-year campuses in the number and amount of grants awarded over the last 20 years must be acknowledged. Special mahalo to Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services David Tamanaha for agreeing to serve as acting chancellor until the next chancellor begins in December, to my superlative secretary Colleen Teixeira for her decades of support, and special assistant Brian Moto. The community can count on a strong faculty, exceptional infrastructure and a committed administrative team with near-term funding in place as well as my commitment to an effective transition.

The opportunities to fulfill the college’s collective promise of “inspiring learning” through our graduates’ performance have been a privilege for me, and I will always be grateful. Mahalo and aloha, Clyde.

* Clyde Sakamoto is chancellor of the University of Hawaii Maui College. Ka’ana Mana’o means “sharing thoughts.” UH-Maui College staff members have helped prepare the monthly column that has provided information about opportunities available through the college at its Kahului campus and its education centers.