Pingtung delegation commemorates 32nd year as Sister County

An official delegation from Pingtung County, Taiwan, met this month with Mayor Alan Arakawa, County Council members and representatives from the Maui County Sister City Foundation to commemorate 32 years as Sister Counties.

A welcome ceremony was held in the Mayor’s Conference Room, during which Arakawa proclaimed Dec. 15 as “Pingtung County Day.” He thanked the delegation of 13 government officials, educators and students for their visit to Maui.

“This type of intercultural relationship allows us to learn from one another, and fosters business, educational and cultural exchanges,” said Arakawa. “We celebrate this milestone of 32 years as Sister Counties and look ahead to a productive and prosperous future.”

Pingtung and Maui County’s key industries, such as tourism, agriculture, renewable energy, biotech, high technology and cultural attractions, are closely related. Pingtung’s natural beauty is also similar to that of Maui County, with Taiwan’s ocean and mountain vistas and famous waterfalls.

The delegation, led by Pingtung Sister County Chairmen Alexander C.H. Chang and Elizabeth H.T. Hsu, visited Chinese cultural landmarks on Maui, including monuments and displays dedicated to revolutionary leader Sun Yat Sen. The visitors also enjoyed learning about the Hawaiian culture, Maui’s natural environment and educational opportunities for higher learning.

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