Scholarship winners advance to competitions in Honolulu

The 2015 Miss Maui, Miss Maui Outstanding Teen and Mister Maui Hawai’i scholarship competitions took place Jan. 10 at the Maui Theatre in Lahaina.

Four young women will be competing for the title of Miss Hawai’i, which is a preliminary to the Miss America Scholarship Program.

They are: Shelly Napua Salbedo, Miss Maui 2015; Kulia Poehere Murray, Miss Valley Isle 2015; Rochelle de Leon, Miss Kahikinui Maui 2015; and Ma’ata Halaliku, Miss Haleakala 2015. The 2015 Miss Hawai’i America Scholarship Competition will take place at the Hawai’i Convention Center in Honolulu on May 30.

Four Maui teenagers will represent Maui in the 2015 Miss Hawaii’s Outstanding Teen Scholarship Competition, a preliminary to Miss America Outstanding Teen Scholarship Program.

They are: Jessica Griffiths, Miss Maui Outstanding Teen 2015; Kalee Bacongco, Miss Valley Isle Outstanding Teen 2015; Lindsey Saludares, Miss Kahikinui Maui Outstanding Teen 2015; and Zoey Traxler-Nuesca, Miss Haleakala Outstanding Teen 2015. The Miss Hawaii’s Outstanding Teen Scholarship Competition will take place at the Hawaii Convention Center on April 11.

The four young men competing for the 2015 Mister Hawai’i and Hawaii’s Most Beautiful Man Competition on Oct. 10 at the Blaisdell Center in Honolulu are Ka’apuni Aiwohi, Mister Maui Hawai’i 2015; Michael Lacno III, Mister Valley Isle 2015; Wilson Kamuela Namau’u-Rapozo, Mister Kahikinui Maui 2015; and Travis Silva, Mister Haleakala 2015.