County to offer free hard drive destruction and disposal service

In observance of October as Cyber Security Awareness Month, the County of Maui will be holding a free drive-thru hard-drive destruction and disposal service in the lower parking lot behind the Kalana O Maui building from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday. There will be access to the parking area under the county building from Kaohu Street, just below the intersection with High Street.

Residents are urged to remove the hard drives from any old computers, laptops, printers or other electronic devices and bring just the hard drives to the event, where they can hand them over to members of the county’s Information Technology Services Division. IT staff will destroy the drives and make sure they are disposed of properly. An information table with cybersecurity materials also will be available at the event.

“This service is especially important because anyone can access your hard drive if you just throw it away,” said Jacob Verkerke, the county’s chief technology officer. “Even if you delete important information like bank statements, account numbers and Social Security information, someone who knows what they are doing can always find a way to retrieve it if they have your hard drive.”

Besides the free hard-drive destruction event, visitors to the county building are encouraged to check out some educational material on cybersafety that will be displayed in the lobby through the end of October. The IT Division encourages people to read more about how they can protect themselves from cyber-risks at home and at work. Cyber-risks include identity theft, cyberpredators and cyberattacks at the workplace.

For more information about protecting yourself from cyber-risks, visit www.mauicounty.gov/cybersecurity.


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