Restaurant recognizes school staff members

Duke’s Beach House recently recognized Cheryl Nelson, Faith McGill, Shanin Sado, Alicia Alcaraz, Erin Masek and Erna Seatriz of Princess Nahi’ena’ena Elementary School as Educator of the Month for December, January, February, March, April and May, respectively.

Nelson, 5th grade English-language learners teacher, was awarded the December Educator of the Month Award. She was recognized for connecting lessons to real life, striving for excellence in each lesson and organizing the annual spelling bee. After many years of service to the students at the school, retired at the end of the school year.

January Educator Award winner McGill is a kindergarten and 4th-grade ELL teacher. McGill was nominated for being a dedicated educator who goes above and beyond to meet the needs of students and staff. She organized the new WIDA Access testing for all ELL students and has spent many hours researching and evaluating curriculum materials to support ELL students.

Sado, a 4th-grade teacher, was awarded the February Educator Award because she excels in classroom instruction and continues to learn the latest educational strategies to improve her practice. She serves as a mentor to new teachers at the school and as a leader for continuous school improvement.

March Educator Award winner Alcaraz is a counselor. In addition to individual and small group counseling, she works to plan and organize schoolwide events such as the school talent show, annual career day and monthly attendance recognition parties.

Masek, a 3rd-grade teacher, was awarded the April Educator Award for being an outstanding teacher who has earned the respect of her students and colleagues. She loves to teach, interacts well with students and presents well-organized and academically rigorous lessons each day.

May Educator winner Seatriz is an account clerk. Seatriz was recognized for being kind, patient and for going the extra mile to be of service to the school and community.

“Duke’s Beach House is honored to recognize the staff at Princess Nahi’ena’ena Elementary School for their commitment to the children in our community,” said Nick Ware, Duke’s Beach House general manager. “Education plays such an important role in shaping our keiki’s future and we are thrilled to be able to celebrate the hard work and dedication of the staff at this school.”

The honorees were presented with an engraved koa box and a $100 gift certificate to Duke’s Beach House.