MFD, MPD select GO PINK! designs

The Maui Police and Fire departments are teaming up with Pacific Cancer Foundation for their annual GO PINK! campaign in an effort to raise awareness and funds for Maui County’s cancer community.

Members from each department submitted their own unique artwork for this year’s T-shirt design contest. MFD and MPD narrowed the entries down to the best designs from their departments and asked the public for its assistance in voting online for the past two weeks. More than 900 votes were cast and the designs of Tyler Orikasa, Maui Fire Department, and Kat Pasch, Maui Police Department, were deemed the winners July 13.

When asked what inspired their designs, Maui Firefighter, Orikasa, commented, “I wanted it to resemble our MFD patch that is on our uniforms. The words LOVE, BELIEVE and HOPE came to mind when thinking of our own little honorary firefighter, Trucker Dukes. The ‘Love’ of his ‘ohana towards Trucker and others has shown greatly in Trucker’s short life and continue to show today. ‘Hope’ will always be in the hearts of loved ones who continue to fight, day in and day out, after losing their loved ones to this deadly disease. We truly ‘Believe’ that one day, there will be a cure for cancer, so there will be no pain, no tears and no more suffering.

Pasch, an MPD records technician, created her design with the help of her daughter, Zoey Hada, and they feel grateful to be a part of this campaign. “Pacific Cancer Foundation has done so much to help our family cope with, understand and navigate the path that we’re on,” said Pasch. “The support we’ve received has been a true blessing — you’ve all been so wonderful! My daughter and I are very pleased and proud to have created a design in support of PCF that people like.”

The winning designs will be printed on pink T-shirts and will be available for purchase beginning Sept. 4 at, as well as all Maui County Police and Fire stations. MPD and MFD will then engage in a friendly competition to see which department can sell the most logo wear to benefit the Pacific Cancer Foundation.