Design contest showcases StoneWave skate park

Skate deck sales benefit youth center

Keegan Hart

The Pa’ia Youth & Cultural Center’s StoneWave Skate Park has partnered with Maui’s Hi-Tech Surf Sports to create the first PYCC StoneWave skate deck.

PYCC held a skate deck design contest and purchased decks for the youths to create their designs. More than 30 PYCC members entered the contest. Five judges were chosen to view the submissions. Longtime members Makayla Marrs, 17, and Keegan Hart, 14, were the top two winners.

The skate decks can be purchased at Hi-Tech Surf Sports in both the Paia and Kahului locations for $39.95. PYCC staff members say these boards serve a dual purpose in that they’re artwork that can be hung on a wall. Each time someone purchases one of these skate decks, a major percentage is given directly to the PYCC

A PYCC StoneWave skate deck was in the original business plan for the skate park that opened in 2005.

It is the only skate park on Maui that has an adult monitor at all times and operates as a component of the PYCC Life Skills Program.

Makayla Marrs

People who helped make the PYCC StoneWave skate deck a reality are Davey DeLong who worked for Hi-Tech Surf Sports; Angela Farrell, PYCC board member; Lo Piazza, PYCC StoneWave Skate Park director; Brandon LaRue and Pete Swanzy, PYCC staff members.