Teachers receive an overview of Lahaina’s history

Lee Ann Shigezawa (standing) spoke about the plantation era during a recent Lahaina Restoration Foundation “History In Our Back Yard” program for educators. She shared stories of her firsthand experiences from this period.

The Lahaina Restoration Foundation recently provided teachers from six West Maui schools a new module of their “History In Our Back Yard” program.

Held in the video theater of the Old Lahaina Courthouse on a Saturday morning, most of the 14 attending were teaching in Lahaina for the first time, and were presented with an overview of Lahaina’s rich history and cultural heritage to assist them with a better sense of place as new members of the community.

Lee Ann Shigezawa, a volunteer member of the LRF Community Education Committee, spoke about the plantation era, sharing stories of her firsthand experiences from this period.

The next part of this educational program for teachers is being planned for February and will consist of LRF’s annually provided walking tour of Lahaina’s historic sites. For more information about LRF activities and events, contact info@lahainarestoration.org.