Lanai Senior Center receives gift donations

Young Brothers organizes drive

Will Tancayo, Young Brothers’ freight clerk for the port of Honolulu, prepares gifts for shipment.

Gift bags of household goods courtesy of Young Brothers Ltd. were gifted to seniors at the Lanai Community Senior Citizen Lunch at the Lanai Senior Center. Held on Christmas Day every year, the luncheon provides Lanai’s community members in their golden years with a hot meal, gift bags and fellowship during the holidays. Hosted by the churches of Lanai and supported by Young Brothers and other local organizations, contributors donate time, gifts and food to bring Christmas cheer to seniors in need.

“We feel a deep sense of gratitude and connection to the communities we serve throughout the year,” said Chris Martin, director of Terminal Operations. “The Lanai Community Senior Citizen Lunch is an opportunity for us to share the holiday spirit and share appreciation for an extension of our ohana.”

Participating each year, Young Brothers’ employees organize the drive to collect household items such as blankets, dish towels, cleaning supplies, even socks and crossword puzzles, which Young Brothers then special delivers to the center on Lanai. Community volunteers gift-wrap the goods and distribute them to seniors attending the lunch on Christmas Day. Homebound seniors receive their gifts and lunch via the center’s home delivery service. This year, Young Brothers employees packed eight boxes of goods for distribution.

“The seniors were overwhelmed by the generosity of the Young Brothers gifts,” said Cindy Sagawa, resource coordinator for the event. “Their contribution means a great deal to our senior community.”