Top Eagle Scout projects selected for excellence

The Maui County Council Boy Scouts of America recently celebrated the 2018-19 class of Eagle Scouts at a special banquet at the Maui Beach Hotel.

The Eagle is the highest recognition that Scouting offers. It is earned through a rigorous advancement program, and only a small percentage of boys who begin in Scouting attain this honor. The Eagle award is the achievement of Scouting’s best efforts, beliefs, and it is an occasion for pride and joy. Each year, Scouts around the nation demonstrate their fine leadership skills while performing a project for the benefit of his community.

At the culmination of the Eagle Scout candidate’s leadership training, the project requires considerable planning and significant effort. He must lead others in implementing his project. The rigorous nature of the service project is the major step in the completion of the Eagle rank. These Eagle projects emphasize the full impact of the Scouting program to the community at large.

For the 2018-19 year, 25 Eagle Scout projects were accomplished by Maui Scouts. These projects include a wide variety of civic improvements such as restriping parking lots, installing irrigation systems, building garden trellises, constructing signage, landscaping and more.

While all Eagle Scout projects are success stories and benefit the community, each year the top five projects are selected for their excellence. This year’s awardees include:

• Jesse Bulusan from Troop 49 constructed an 8-by-12-foot score booth at the Maui High School baseball field. The project required pouring a cement slab footing and building a workshop and bench for the baseball scorekeepers. The booth has a solid-core lockable door and is finished with roofing shingles. In addition, there is a cement slab at the entrance of the baseball batting cage. Bulusan’s project encompassed 222 volunteer hours.

• Kahai Bustillos from Troop 49 removed and installed a new sidewalk at St. Anthony School. The old sidewalk was incomplete and had numerous cracks that made it a safety hazard. He also removed and replaced an old concrete drainage system by the school’s library. A total of 157 volunteer hours contributed to Bustillos’ project.

• Keli Murphy from Troop 49 constructed a concrete flagpole base as well as a sidewalk expansion for Baldwin High School. The project included 240 volunteer hours.

• Josef Shum from Troop 49 constructed a baptismal amphitheater for his church, Valley Isle Fellowship. The amphitheater has four rows of seating, stairs on both sides, and sidewalks at the bottom that lead to a circular stage where a baptismal tub is placed. The new area can be used for baptismals and for entertainment and included 535 volunteer hours.

• Kaioluhia Kalani of Troop 57 reconstructed ramps at the community skate park. This extensive project amassed over 1,800 volunteer hours.

The 25 Eagle Scout projects this year in Maui County logged in 6,600 hours, which equates to an average of 264 hours per project. These scouts are future leaders and they are already making a difference in the Maui community.

The National Eagle Scout Association researched the total volunteer hours of the Eagle Service projects ever done and it came out to more than 113 million hours of service. Each year, new Eagle Scouts throughout the nation are adding more than 3 million hours.