Help sought to be collection sites for breast milk

Breastfeeding Hawaii is seeking hospitals, clinics or businesses in the state that may be willing to be a milk depot or shipping supply site.

The organization is the state breastfeeding coalition, and affiliate to the United States Breastfeeding Committee, which is dedicated to protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding around the state.

The nonprofit works to normalize breastfeeding, breast milk as keiki’s first food and increased access to lactation support services.

Breastfeeding Hawaii, in partnership with Mothers’ Milk Bank of San Jose (Calif.), which is a member of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America, is implementing phase 1, which is establishing donor human milk sites in Hawaii so mothers have a place to donate their extra breast milk.

Donated human milk is shipped to San Jose where it is tested, pasteurized and then provided to medically fragile infants through hospital or health care provider orders as a supplement to the infant’s own mother’s milk. 

Mother’s Milk LLC on Hawaii island and Waimanalo Health Center on Oahu are in the initial stages of becoming donor human milk shipping supply sites.

Those currently interested in being a donor may call Mothers’ Milk Bank of San Jose at (877) 375-6645 for a brief interview.