Animal kindness taught through art

Tanya Kari, a 12-year-old Animal Kindness Club art student, is shown with her teacher, Barbara Steinberg. They are displaying Kari’s paintings of two endangered species, the Hawaiian a‘ala and Hawaiian monk seal.

The Animal Kindness Club art class paints endangered species all year round. The children are age 5-15.

The class pledge is “I promise to be kind to animals (as well as people) and to speak and act in defense of all helpless creatures.”

Instructors Barbara Steinberg and her husband, Jonathan Orlowski, are both artists.

“We teach them to develop their artistic skills as young artists,” said Steinberg. “They draw and paint the animals to the best of their ability and each ongoing class builds on the previous classes.”

The class meets 3 to 5 p.m. Wednesdays in Kihei. It is co-sponsored by the county Parks and Recreation Department. To enroll, call Steinberg at 269-6845.


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