Pet of the Week


We’ve got a flock of eight feathered friends that came to us recently, and they’re ready to take to your ohana like a duck to water! If you are not familiar with Muscovy ducks, you are seriously missing out! Although they may look like geese, these darling duckies have so much going for them. Muscovies are much quieter than most other duck species, often being referred to as a “quackless” duck. They love to eat up all the pests in your yard like slugs, snails, termites, mosquitoes and even mice! Plus they have the amazing historical fact of being one of the oldest domesticated fowl species in the world, with their feathers being used in the cloaks Aztec rulers wore. Not to mention their adoption fees are all “pick your price,” so make an appointment to pluck a lucky duck right up!


• The Pet of the Week is a Saturday feature submitted by the Maui Humane Society to promote adoptions at the Maui Animal Shelter and Adoption Center. During the current COVID-19 emergency rules, animal adoptions and viewing will be available by appointment only. For more information or to make an appointment, call 877-3680, ext. 3, between 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., or visit mauihumanesociety.org.


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