Sugimura wins in the campaign cash competition


Upcountry Maui County Council candidate Yuki Lei Kashiwa Sugimura outdistanced not only her opponent, Napua Greig-Nakasone, but also every other council candidate in raising and spending campaign funds this election cycle, according to reports filed for Aug. 14 to Oct. 24 with the state Campaign Spending Commission.

Although Sugimura started from zero at the beginning of the campaign cycle, her most recent report shows she’s amassed total receipts of $144,795 and spent $139,861. She’s left with a positive cash balance of $4,934.

Meanwhile, Greig-Nakasone, raised total receipts of $81,625, 56.4 percent of Sugimura’s total, and she has spent $84,214, or 60.2 percent of her opponent’s expenditures. Greig-Nakasone has a deficit of $2,588. They are both seeking the Upcountry residency seat being vacated by Gladys Baisa due to term limits.

(Numbers are rounded to the nearest dollar, so some figures may not add up to the exact dollar amount.)

In the Wailuku-Waihee-Waikapu residency race, former Council Member Dain Kane also enjoys a significant fundraising advantage over opponent Alika Atay — but not to the same extent as Sugimura’s.


Kane pulled together total receipts of $86,097. He spent $51,543 and was left with cash on hand of $34,554. Atay reported total receipts of $46,693 and expenditures of $36,213, leaving him with cash on hand of $10,480. They are both seeking the seat Mike Victorino is vacating due to term limits

In another hotly contested race, South Maui Council Member Don Couch had $15,206 at the start of this election cycle. He was able to add $58,095, giving him a total of $73,301. Of that, he’s spent $62,905, leaving him with $10,395. Challenger Kelly Takaya King raised $43,472, spent $42,506, and she has $966 left over.

The candidate deadline for filing campaign spending reports was Monday. In other council residency races, campaign spending records show:

* Lanai. Council Member Riki Hokama had $68,227 going into this election cycle.

He added $42,642 in total receipts,giving him a total of $110,868. Of that, he spent $41,413, leaving him with $69,455. Challenger Gabe Johnson began with zero and raised $1,847 in total receipts — nearly 1.7 percent of the total cash available to the incumbent. Johnson spent $1,141, and he reported having $705 left over.

* East Maui. Council Member Bob Carroll had $9,078 on hand coming in to this election cycle. So far, he’s raised $675, giving him a total of $9,753. Of that, he’s spent $5,339, leaving him with $4,414. In an unusual twist, opponent Shane Sinenci raised and spent more than the incumbent — taking in $15,122 and spending $12,435, leaving him with $2,687.

* Kahului. Council Member Don Guzman started the campaign cycle with $25,343, and he added $35,696, giving his campaign total income of $61,039. He reported spending $27,229, giving him cash on hand of $33,811. Opponent Vanessa Medeiros reported total receipts of $6,826 and expenditures of $4,716. She had cash on hand of $2,110.

* Makawao-Haiku-Paia. Council Chairman Mike White started off the election cycle with $5,862, and he raised another $83,483, giving him a total of $89,345. Of that, he spent $55,445, and he had $33,901 cash on hand. His challenger, Trinette K. Furtado, reported total receipts of $26,127 and expenditures of $22,792, leaving her with $3,335.

* West Maui. Council Member Elle Cochran had $2,120 cash on hand at the beginning of the election cycle. To that, she added $4,502 for a total of $6,622. She reported spending $3,377, leaving her with $3,244 available. Her challenger, Ernest Z. Kanamu Balinbin, disclosed total receipts of $4,840 and spending of $3,352, with a cash balance of $1,488.

* Molokai. Council Member Stacy Helm Crivello started the election cycle with $6,180. She raised $24,664, giving her a total of $30,844. Her expenditures came to $25,353, and she was left with $5,491. Challenger Keani Rawlins-Fernandez raised $13,308 and spent $9,143. She was left with a balance of $4,165 available.

* Brian Perry can be reached at bperry@mauinews.com.


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