Public hearing on council committee formation is Monday

Testimony sought on alternate visions

Riki Hokama

The Maui News

The Maui County Council will hold a special meeting on Monday to handle matters left over from its Jan. 2 meeting, including establishing the body’s standing committees and referring various matters to appropriate committees.

The meeting will be at 1:30 p.m. in Council Chambers. The body will receive testimony on resolution 17-5, establishing the standing committees of the council, defining their duties and appointing their members.

Council Members Riki Hokama and Kelly King have submitted alternate resolutions on the subject.

Hokama’s proposal mirrors some discussions the body had on Jan. 2, which includes increasing the number of council members on committees, but keeps standing committee proposals by Chair Mike White, which some members have complained were skewed in favor of the majority and had misplaced priorities.

Kelly King

King and Council Members Elle Cochran and Alika Atay called for a public hearing on the issues.

King’s resolution has all nine council members on all committees. It also establishes a Committee of the Whole, which will handle litigation matters, among other things. It also makes changes to the current proposed vice-chairmanships of various committees.

Following the public hearing and testimony from the public, the full council will attend to business matters, said Kit Zulueta, communications director of the Office of Council Services.