Landfill open as usual after stubborn blaze

County / In Brief

The Central Maui Landfill and Olowalu Recycling and Refuse Convenience Center were operating normally Monday, following a stubborn fire at Maui EKO Systems green waste and composting operations that began Friday.

EKO was accepting green waste, a person who answered the phone said Monday.

The landfill was closed Saturday after being affected by smoke caused by a fire at the EKO composting site adjacent to the landfill. The landfill was closed as usual Sunday.The EKO official said that the fire was out Monday, but firefighters anticipate that flare-ups may occur over the next few days.

The fire started Friday in a 300-foot-by-300-foot compost pile about 15 feet high. It was deep within the pile, making it difficult to extinguish, fire officials said. Heavy smoke that made it difficult to see or breathe caused the landfill to close Saturday, according to county officials.