Second dispensary to open on Maui

Pono Life Sciences Maui will be selling medical marijuana by appointment next week after the state Health Department issued a formal notice to proceed Friday.

Pono Life’s dispensary is located at 415 Dairy Road — in the former Hawaiian Island Surf & Sport — and is the second on Maui and the third in the state to begin selling medical cannabis. Maui’s other licensed dispensary, Maui Grown Therapies, was the first in the state to begin sales Aug. 8.

Michael Takano, chief executive officer of Pono Life, said Friday that the company will begin with sales of flowers and will release information on its reservation system early next week. He said that the company has “a priority list” and plans to accept walk-ins in the future.

Although starting out with flowers only, Pono Life plans “to promote a full line of products when we are ready,” he said. This includes capsules, tinctures, oils and lozenges. When those manufactured products become available will be dependent on the state Department of Health and the labs that test the products, he said.

Maui Grown Therapies began by selling flowers, which must be smoked, and said Thursday that it had tinctures and concentrates in stock following Health Department approvals for Steep Hill Hawaii Lab on Oahu.

Takano said that prices for the flowers initially will be $18 to $20 for 1 gram and $50 to $55 for 3 grams.

“This is a milestone,” he said, adding that his company was appreciative of the state Health Department and Legislature. “This has not been easy for any of the stakeholders.”

Pono Life has achieved the goals of “procuring and producing the highest-quality premium products,” Takano said.

The Health Department said Friday that Pono Life completed laboratory testing requirements and passed its final on-site inspection.

Registered patients and their caregivers may purchase up to 4 ounces of medical cannabis during a 15-day period and a maximum of 8 ounces over a 30-day period, according to the Health Department.

All use of medical cannabis must be on private property. It cannot be used in a car while on the road, at work, at the beach, on hiking trails or in any other public space. It is illegal to use or possess medical cannabis on federally owned property such as military installations and national parks.

When bringing medical cannabis home after purchasing it from a dispensary, the cannabis must be in a sealed container and not visible to the public, according to the Health Department.

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