Commercial waste haulers need to pay fees

The Maui News

Commercial green waste haulers that use EKO Compost for dumping at the Central Maui Landfill now will have to pay tipping fees of $46 per ton, the county Department of Environmental Management said.

Those haulers will need to set up an account and be weighed on the landfill scale house, according to the department’s Environmental Protection and Sustainability Division.

The policy calling for commercial green waste haulers to pay a tipping fee took effect Feb. 1. Residential green waste hauling remains free.

Maui EKO has been monitoring vehicles for the past two months to determine if the dumping of material is by a commercial or residential hauler. A vehicle is designated commercial if it has commercial license plates, advertising or signage or by frequency of dumping and the type of material, the county news release said.

Maui EKO may deny entry to customers who do not follow the rules, the news release said.

A lot of commercial entities respect the policy and do set up a commercial account with EKO, said Stacia Ash, head of the Division of Environmental Protection and Sustainability. However, there are others who use noncommercial vehicles to unload obvious commercial loads of green waste on a frequent basis and so the regulations needed to be tightened up.

For more information about recycling, visit the Maui County Recycling website at www.mauicounty.gov/recycle or call the Maui County Recycling Hotline at 270-7880.


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