Abandoned car storage area in plans for landfill addition

The county Department of Environmental Management is proposing a 41-acre addition to the Central Maui Landfill in Puunene that would include a storage area for abandoned vehicles, a metals processing facility, a recycling area for building and demolition wastes and a facility for managing and holding of household hazardous and electronic wastes.

The goal of the project is to reduce solid waste going into the landfill to extend its life, the report said.

A proposed environmental assessment for the project appeared in the Office of Environmental Quality Control’s “The Environmental Notice” on Thursday. An environmental assessment for the project is required because of the use of county funds and land.

The department anticipates a finding of no significant impact.

The L-shaped project is contiguous to the landfill, which first opened in 1986, and runs along Pulehu Road on the Kahului side. The 40.8-acre project will be built on 180 acres of county-owned land in the area, of which 136 acres currently is being used for the landfill, the report said. The site is in the state agricultural district and is zoned agriculture and interim by the county. It is old sugar cane land.

The project is estimated to cost $31.4 million with completion expected in 2020, the report said.

Environmental Management De-puty Director Michael Miyamoto said Thursday evening that the spending proposal will not be included in the upcoming budget for fiscal year 2018-19. He said that with a new mayor taking office in January, the department wanted the new administration to have a say in the project.

He noted that the waste materials involved in this project currently are being recycled and that this project helps solidify their diversion from the landfill.

It fits in with Anaergia’s waste-to-energy facility that would divert 85 percent of incoming general waste and 65 percent of construction and demolition waste from the landfill. In a contract negotiated in 2014, Anaergia would build the facilities and the county would pay fees for disposal with the county guaranteeing minimum levels of tonnage.

Company officials have said that the plant could be up by 2019.

Miyamoto said that Anaergia has secured a lease with Alexander & Baldwin for land next to the proposed project. Anaergia plans to collect the gas produced at the landfill and clean it up for energy uses. He said Anaergia has secured buyers for the gas.

The current proposal calls for:

• An abandoned vehicles area. Vehicles would be stored until they are put up for public auction or recycled through a third party scrap metal processor or through the adjacent metals processing facility.

• Metals processing area. Abandoned vehicles, scrap metals and material recovered from the construction and demolition recycling area would be processed in an operation new to the county, the report said. Processing of scrap vehicles would require removal and management of automotive fluids and refrigerant gases. Handling and processing of scrap metal typically involves diesel-powered heavy equipment, which would be used to move, dismantle and consolidate scrap metal materials prior to its off-site shipment. Miyamoto said that the proposed project is mainly intended to support the disposal of metals to Hammerhead Metals Recycling, but that it could be a replacement if needed.

• Open construction and demolition material recovery area. This facility would receive, process and store recyclable materials from construction and demolition waste. Heavy equipment would be used to separate and segregate bulky materials and feed nonbulky items into sorting equipment that may include manual sort lines and mechanical screens. Large items, like concrete, asphalt, and rock, would be stockpiled and periodically crushed for reuse. Metals recovered are planned to be recycled either through a third-party scrap metal processor or through the adjacent metal processing area. Wood recovered is planned to go to the EKO Compost facility. Some items would be used as road base.

• Household hazardous waste and electronic waste processing and holding storage area. Household hazardous waste and electronic waste collected from county residents would be sent to this facility, which would manage, store and transport to processors. The enclosed facility would handle, store by different types and transport waste to off-site waste recycling/reuse facilities or disposal sites.

The project also includes plans for a refuse collection office, truck parking, a maintenance area to house the fleet of refuse collection vehicles and drainage basins.

The draft environmental assessment can be found at oeqc2.doh.hawaii.gov/EA_EIS_Library/2018-03-08-MA-DEA-Central-Maui-Landfill-Facilities.pdf.

The public has until April 9 to comment on the draft environmental assessment. Comments may be sent to the Department of Environmental Management by email to environmental.mgmt@mauicounty.gov or by mail to 2050 Main St., Suite 2B, Wailuku 96793 or to consultant Munekiyo Hiraga by email at planning@munekiyohiraga.com or by mail at 305 High St., Suite 104, Wailuku 96793.

For more information, contact Stant at 270-8230 or consultant Colleen Suyama at 244-2015.

* Lee Imada can be reached at leeimada@mauinews.com.


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