Revised Central Maui CIP list more than doubles

The Maui News

Central Maui state Rep. Justin Woodson has released a new, corrected figure for the amount of House-approved capital improvement projects approved for his district, which includes Kahului, Puunene, Old Sand Hills and Maui Lani.

On Monday, the figure was $37.22 million. On Tuesday, it jumped to $83.26 million.

The House version of the state’s fiscal 2018 and 2018 budgets has crossed over to the Senate.

According to Woodson, the House proposal for spending on improvements at Kahului Harbor climbed from $3.46 million to $34.6 million; and proposed Kahului Airport improvements rose from $16.1 million to $24.6 million.

Woodson also reported that the House has set aside $6 million for the Kaiser-subsidiary Maui Health System for plans, design, construction and equipment for repairs, renovations, expansion and upgrades to Maui Memorial Medical Center, Kula Hospital and Lanai Community Hospital.

Last year, the management of those hospitals privatized in a switch from the statewide quasi-public Hawaii Health Systems Corp. to Maui Health Systems.

There’s also $500,000 in the House budget for plans, designs and construction for dorm renovations at Maui Community Correctional Center in Wailuku, Woodson said.

Other, previously reported Maui capital improvement items, such as $10 million for a new intermediate school in Kahului, remain unchanged.