County opens up shelters

Emergency evacuation shelters for those affected by Tropical Storm Olivia have opened at the following Maui County locations:

• Maui High School (pet friendly).

• Kihei Elementary School (pet friendly).

• Kalama Intermediate School in Pukalani (pet friendly).

• Hana High and Elementary School.

• Molokai High School.

• Lanai High and Elementary School.

• Lahaina Civic Center.

Shelter evacuees must bring their own food, water and blankets. In case of a power outage at a shelter, people also should bring a flashlight or battery-operated lantern.

Smoking and drinking alcohol are not allowed at the evacuation centers or their parking lots.

Pets brought to pet-friendly shelters must be in a pet carrier or cage for safety. Owners also must provide food and water for their pets.

The county urges people to use shelters as a last resort, and if possible, to stay with family or friends outside of hazard areas.