Kihei man sentenced for break-in at garage

WAILUKU — A man who was found in the garage after he had been asked to leave a Paia residence was placed on four years’ probation Wednesday and ordered to perform 200 hours of community service.

Before showing up at the residence at about 11 p.m. Feb. 11, 2017, Samuel Shellooe had sent text messages and unsolicited explicit photos to a woman living there, said Deputy Prosecutor Jeffery Temas.

“For some reason, he could not let go,” Temas said. “We have the knock at the door, the appearance, the shooing away. That just wasn’t good enough for him. He ends up in the home, startling them to the point that the impact stays with them till today.”

Shellooe, 25, of Kihei had pleaded no contest to second-degree unauthorized entry into a dwelling.

Speaking in court Wednesday, the woman who answered the door that night said she told Shellooe that the other woman was asleep. He said he had lost her phone number.

“I told him it was not a good time,” she said. “Within five, 10 minutes he was inside our house.”

The other woman said Shellooe had been asked to leave before she found him in the garage.

“I keep thinking what would have happened if he had found me first, if I hadn’t found him hiding in the laundry room,” she said.

She said she was harassed by Shellooe’s friends on social media afterward.

“There’s definitely a sense of safety and security that has been stolen from me,” she said. “I don’t go anywhere by myself. I’m afraid.”

Within two weeks of changing his plea, Shellooe was looking at her Instagram posts, she said. “My social media life has changed, and my real life has changed,” she said.

Both women moved out of the residence.

“My fear is for the next girl,” the first woman said. “We don’t know his intention or why he broke in there, but it has changed both of our lives.”

Defense attorney Cary Virtue said Shellooe was working “more than full time” and had shut down his social media accounts, including on Instagram and Tinder.“He wants to try and put this case behind him and move forward,” Virtue said.

Second Circuit Judge Rhonda Loo said she didn’t understand why Shellooe would have entered the garage that night.

“It’s not true,” Shellooe replied.

The judge said she read something different in police reports.

“There’s something more deep rooted going on here,” she said. “I just don’t know what it is.”

She noted that about eight months before being arrested, Shellooe had been discharged from one year’s probation for two counts of third-degree assault in a District Court case. He was ordered to undergo a psychosexual assessment as part of his probation, court records show. The assault charges were amended from two counts of fourth-degree sexual assault alleging sexual touching of two women, according to court records.

A plea agreement called for probation and no additional jail for Shellooe on the charge of unauthorized entry into a dwelling.

“At first blush, it seemed pretty simple,” Judge Loo said. “But these facts are not as simple as what meets the eye. I don’t know what’s going on underneath that shell of yours. I don’t know what spurred this to happen.

“When someone tells you you’re not welcome, when someone tells you go away, you don’t go in the door, you don’t trespass. You hightail out of there. That’s what you should have done that night.”

Loo warned Shellooe that he faces prison if he doesn’t follow court requirements. She denied his request for a chance to keep the conviction off his record.

Shellooe was ordered not to consume alcohol or illegal drugs and to be assessed for mental health treatment.

He was ordered to have no contact with the two women, including through social media.

Shellooe also was ordered write letters apologizing to the two women that would be given to his probation officer.

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