Swiss bikers and the friendly mynah

Heinz and Jeanette Johner ride the bike path along Maui Veterans Highway in Puunene in this photo taken Oct. 3. The couple from Zurich, Switzerland, said they have enjoyed an “unconventional” holiday on Maui, which included biking, hiking, snorkeling and even making friends with a mynah bird. They said they stopped on the path to make a repair on Heinz’s bike earlier this week, and the friendly bird approached them. Heinz, who said he likes animals, decided to see if he could engage with it. Before he knew it, the mynah was up on his handlebars and climbing on his shoulder. “I spent quite some time with it,” he said. When they finally remounted their bikes and rode away, the bird flew after Heinz and landed on his shoulder to catch a ride before flying away. There was no sign of the friendly mynah, possibly a former pet, Wednesday.

Second photo: Heniz Johner shows off a photo wife, Jeanette, snapped of the mynah bird riding on his shoulder.

The Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER photos