Comment on W. Maui plan vision online

An online vision workshop for the West Maui Community Plan, which runs from today to Jan. 21, is being initiated by the county Department of Planning.

The website is

Participants will be able to review, comment on and rank vision options that will affect the West Maui community for the next two decades. The department’s Long Range Division staff planners prepared the draft vision options using feedback from more than 130 residents who offered their insights, hopes and dreams for the area during in-person and online workshops in December.

Staff planners will use the input received during this month’s online workshop to draft a single vision statement for the plan that will be used to guide community design workshops in February.

“Creating a vision is an important step in the process to update the community plan,” said Pam Eaton, chief of the Long Range Division. “A vision describes what the community wants to achieve in 20 years, as well as reflects the community’s values and priorities for the future. It also serves as a guide to help identify goals, policies and actions in the community plan.”

For more information on the West Maui Community Plan update, go to or the Facebook page, and Instagram handle @wearemaui.