Man sent to jail for threatening mother with knife

Defendant forced his way into her home, punched her in the face

WAILUKU — A man who said he had helped his mother move into her home has been sentenced to a one-year jail term for forcing his way into her home, punching her and threatening her with a knife.

Michael Siegfried, 38, also was placed on four years’ probation.

“Although things did turn out a little bit rough between me and my mom, I love her to death,” he said as he was sentenced Tuesday. “I love her unconditionally. I never meant any harm to her at all.”

Siegfried’s 67-year-old mother called police May 8 after he showed up “unannounced and uninvited” to retrieve belongings from her home at Hale Mahaolu in Kahului, said Deputy Prosecutor David Mincavage.

He said she told Siegfried to wait outside while she got his belongings before he forced his way in and punched her in the face, causing her to fall. Then Siegfried got on top of his mother and threatened her with a 4-inch knife he named Malice, Mincavage said.

“Clearly, she thought he was going to kill her,” Mincavage said. “By the grace of God, we’re lucky that she’s here.”

An officer had his gun drawn when Siegfried was “slow to show his hands,” Mincavage said. He said one of Siegfried’s hands was handcuffed when he tried to close the door to keep a police officer out and Siegfried was Tasered.

Siegfried had pleaded no contest to a reduced charge of second-degree burglary, as well as first-degree terroristic threatening, third-degree assault and abuse.

While not disputing that Siegfried had forced his way into the home, Deputy Public Defender Tyler Stevenson said it was unclear why Siegfried had gone there.

When police arrived, he was in the kitchen making food, as he had been allowed to do in the past, Stevenson said.

He said no knife was recovered by police.

“He does suffer from some mental health challenges,” Stevenson said. “He can be very polite, responsive and seeming to be understanding of situations. But he can also be at times very aggressive and unresponsive, resistant to orders.”

Siegfried had locked himself in the dwelling before a police officer calmed him down that day, Stevenson said.

“It does seem to be a pretty clear example of a person who does have mental health challenges,” he said. “Unfortunately, the mental health challenges intersect with the criminal justice system very often.”

Siegfried said he thought he suffered from “anxiety and depression, mostly.”

The prosecution sought the one-year jail term, with Mincavage saying Siegfried spent two years in prison in Arizona and his conduct was increasingly violent.

Siegfried asked to be released after already spending about eight months in jail.

He said he was sent to prison for two years in 2014 for pawning stolen items.

After moving to Maui, where his mother was living, Siegfried said he helped her move into her new home.

Explaining his arrest for harassment and resisting arrest in April, Siegfried said it involved a girlfriend he met in Paia.

Second Circuit Judge Richard Bissen noted that Siegfried’s convictions in that case occurred on May 2, about a week before he was arrested for threatening his mother.

Bissen said it was more likely the incident occurred the way Siegfried’s mother said, taking into account Siegfried’s earlier convictions and police officers’ account of the arrest.

As part of his sentence, Siegfried was ordered to complete anger management treatment. He was ordered not to consume alcohol or illegal drugs and to be assessed for mental health treatment.

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